Setting a Wedding Date in 2020: How Do I Choose?

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*If you are reading this in Spring 2020, you may have had to postpone your wedding date due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Please feel empowered to read these tips for changing your date.*

Stressed about picking the perfect wedding date? 😱 That’s completely understandable!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been dreaming about your wedding day ever since you were little. For what feels like an eternity, you’ve been daydreaming about your color scheme, your dress, and of course, your soon-to-be spouse. ❤️

But, now that you’re officially engaged, have you considered one of the most important details? Picking the perfect date is actually a very easy decision to accidentally overlook.

Your wedding is a day you’ll look back on forever – so why not make it a date to remember? Here are some basic tips for deciding on the perfect date for the perfect day.

Let’s begin! 😀

When Should I Decide on My Wedding Date?

Picking your wedding date is one of the first decisions you’ll make when it comes to the planning process. Why is that?

BECAUSE! One of the first vendors you will need to book is your venue! You can’t book a venue if you don’t have a date. 😬

Even if you and your fiancé haven’t been able to commit to one particular date, it’s always good practice to have a few options in mind while you’re touring venues. This will help you decide if you’re torn!

Now that you know WHEN you need to have decided, let’s discuss HOW to choose.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Date

1. Do you have a special wedding date already in mind?

If you and your fiancé have a special day that holds significance to your relationship, try to plan your wedding on that day. If the date is meaningful, you’ll be less likely to forget it in the years to come! 🗓

If the venue you love doesn’t have the date you want, you’ll need to choose which is more important to you.

REMEMBER: you and your fiancé will always know the special significance of that day, but your guests will be able to enjoy your venue right alongside you. 💒

2. Do you want to get married inside or outside?

If you do want to get married outside, keep the season in mind!

Even though an outdoor ceremony sounds lovely and romantic, sweating in a field is even less glamorous than it sounds. Try to be mindful of your guests’ comfort! General tip: if you are planning on having an outdoor ceremony, be sure to have a back-up plan! Rain can be unpredictable and can certainly put a damper on things. ☔️

Summer wedding date Betches

3. What day of the week works for your guests and budget?

For most people, Saturday weddings are ideal. Your guests have time to travel, you likely won’t have to take time off of work or school, and no one will feel as bad about drinking if there is an extra day to recover! 😵

However, due to this high demand, many venues will charge a more expensive rate for those days. 💸

If money is a concern or if your guests aren’t big partiers, you can always opt to host your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday. Just make sure you factor in everybody’s travel needs and time constraints. Some venues will even allow you to host smaller events on weekdays if that’s your jam.

Also, when it comes to deciding which day of the week you want your wedding to fall on, be cognizant of how long you want your rental to be. ⏰ For instance, a Saturday rental usually will last 10-13 hours depending on the venue. However, many venues typically offer shorter rental times for weekdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

If you’re hosting a smaller wedding, you probably won’t need the entire day to get hitched! On the other hand, a longer rental time works better if you have a party of 100+ guests. Be sure to discuss this detail with your venue coordinator or planner before you make your final decision! ✅

4. What upcoming obligations do you have?

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and time-consuming. If you know your December is going to be especially hectic at work, then that’s something you’ll want to take into account before you set anything in stone. Have a consistent work schedule? Then you can elect to be more mindful of your key guests’ schedules!

When planning a DIY-wedding, it’s easy to put off planning the details. If that sounds like you, be sure to factor that tendency into consideration.

5. Do you have a preference?

If you and your fiancé have asked yourselves all of these questions and you STILL don’t have a preference, either 1) go with the best available date from your favorite venue, or 2) check-in with the people around you to see what works most cohesively with their schedules.

If you have out of town family that you want to be at the wedding, ask them what months work best for them. Asking your loved ones may help you make a final decision that you can be fully satisfied with! 😀

I’ve Decided on the Wedding Date, Now What?

Once you and your fiancé have agreed on the perfect date, act fast! Contact your preferred venue and speak with the coordinator about booking your official day.

Depending on the season and the venue’s popularity, certain dates may be more competitive than others. With that being said, make sure you give yourself ample time to plan the wedding (and enjoy your engagement period) – especially if you are planning the event yourself. For reference, most engagements in America are about 12-18 months from start to finish.

After you have confirmed your date’s availability with your venue coordinator, he or she will likely ask you to sign a contract and put down a deposit to secure your date. This may cost upwards of a few hundred dollars, so keep that in mind before you head that way.


Armed with some helpful tips, you’re now ready to pick your perfect wedding date! ✨

Congratulations on knocking one more item off your to-do list! ✓

Drop us a line if you have any questions – we’d love to hear from you. And remember, Calla Lily Co. has a wide variety of wedding planning tips and services to help you make it down the aisle for your special day!

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